­Singapore: BANNED… Malaysia: BANNED

All foreign investment was banned for 26 years… but there’s another way into this lucrative financial exchange… Introducing…

Asia’s Forbidden Market

Where stocks are dirt-cheap and a single $1,000 investment can turn into $4,004 in less than six months… 

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Truewealth Publishing invites you to join us as we infiltrate: 

Asia’s ‘Darkest’ Market

Where you can buy some of the most exclusive and profitable stocks on the market up to XX% cheaper than what institutional investors are shelling out…

And where, starting right now, a $10,000 investment could transform into $40,040 in just SIX MONTHS.

Dear Investor,

For the past 22 years I’ve traveled to over 90 countries and lived in 14 searching for the most overlooked and profitable investment opportunities in the world.

I’ve helped build stock exchanges in Kyrgyzstan and Armenia…

I’ve managed a nine-figure hedge fund…(tease a specific detail to make feel real)

And was the lead analyst on two initial public offerings (IPOs) that raised close to a billion dollars in Moscow and London…

I’ve seen fortunes made, and lost, overnight and I’ve made a great deal of money myself…

But nothing I’ve seen or done is as important, or potentially profitable, as what I want to share with you today.

I’ve discovered what I consider to be the best investment in Asia right now… and possibly the world.

A little-known, forbidden market where stocks sell for 12-19% less than their real value and tens of thousands can be made near overnight.

In August alone the average share-price in this market raced a head of every other global exchange.

And if this ‘banned’ market moves in the way I expect it to, in the next six months you could gain as much as 404% on your money from just three specific investments you’ll discover today.

Please take a moment to think about that…

If you were to make a fast 404% return, what kind of lifestyle would you enjoy?

… Would you retire early?

… Send your children to a better school or university?

… Buy a second home?

Let’s be clear - this isn’t theoretical ‘play money’. I’m talking about real gains that could make your family more comfortable, secure and wealthy before the end of the November.

Like Joanna Lui, a Hong Kong civil servant who made $30,000 HKD profit in a day ($5,256 Singapore dollars…)




Gains like these add up fast. And that’s what I want to show you today. How to stack huge, realistic gains from a forbidden market that most people - even in Asia - are overlooking.

You may be wondering why I keep calling this market “banned” or “forbidden”.

It’s no exaggeration - ALL international investors were banned from this market for the last 26 years. Malaysisa, Singapore, US, Thailand, it doesn't matter where your from. You’re can’t invest here.

The administration in this country is extremely strict… professional… and unrelenting.

Their policies effectively locked out 99% of investors from the trillions of dollars that pass through it everyday.

Now, normally this wouldn’t bother me at all… the world is a big place and there are many markets for you and I to profit from… Except that some of the cheapest and most profitable trades in the world take place in this market.

For example: just recently stocks in two train makers - of all things - made a swift 40% gain in a matter of hours.

Wouldn't you like to make a 40% gain on the way to work?

See - that’s the dilemma. Huge potential profits; no access.

But not anymore.

I’ve found a back way into this market. A way for the average investor to get a share of this trillion dollar exchange.

WITHOUT breaking the law…

And I want to show you how to get direct and instant access today.

I’m also going to let you in on what I consider to be the most safe, profitable and accessible opportunities available within the forbidden market right now.

This is the result of months of scouting and research… And in my estimation you’ll be set to make up to 404% combined from these investments by the end of November.

That’s a combined return across three stocks, but even if you were to be cautious and just invest in one, you’d still be looking at bagging around 40% before the end of the year - give or take a few percent.

Before you read any further, please understand this: I’m no psychic. I can’t see the future. And anyone who tells you they can predict the stock market with absolute certainty is a liar or a fool.

But what I can say is this…

These are the best investment opportunities in Asia right now.  

Yes - now. Not one month from now. Not next year.


And if you’re not content to sit on the sidelines while other investors get rich, I strongly urge you to download my free report detailing these three forbidden opportunities today.

Before we get into it though, I should warn you…

The investment opportunity I’m about to share won’t appeal to everyone.

If you can’t stomach risk…or you prefer to let wealth managers handle your money…this probably isn’t for you.

But, if you’re reading this, chances are you are open to contrarian investments. Maybe you’ve been reading my e-letter for a while now…and you’re ready to connect some of the investment IDEAS we talk about here at Truewealth Publishing with some ACTUAL INVESTMENTS.

Ones that, if my team’s research is correct, could prove the most exciting and profitable moves you ever make.

I’ll discuss that research and Truewealth’s exciting new project (which I’d like YOU to join me in) later in the presentation.

First, I want to show you what’s on the cards today…


Make A 40-67% Gain By 2017

With This Low-Risk Travel Investment

The first thing you need to know about this stock is that it’s one of three large airlines listed on the forbidden market.

The second thing you should know is that citizens in the forbidden market have been starved of international travel for decades…

It was hard for them to get a passport, and it was hard to withdraw cash to spend overseas.

But that’s changed. They are now free to travel abroad… see the world… AND spend billions on flights…

Jim Roger’s - investment legend and founder of the Quantum Fund - has compared this coming travel boom to that of Japanese tourists in the US during the 1980s…

New Yorkers were left puzzled as crowds of cashed-up tourists invaded Times Square.

Expect a similar rush from the citizens of the forbidden market.

And as they spend, this airline is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this new surge in international travel (potentially hundreds of millions of travellers…).

And if you invest today, you’ll be uniquely positioned to add 40-67% in profit to your portfolio.

Let’s take a closer look at why this airline stock is so primed to soar…

For starters, this airline is the only one in it’s county to be part of the star alliance: a coalition of 28 of the world’s most popular airlines.

It provides connections for partner airlines like United Continental, Air Canada and Lufthansa. This means amongst its competitors, this airline is in the best position to profit from lucrative, international flights as well as the highly competitive domestic routes.

Secondly, it’s currently showing signs of being significantly undervalued. Last summer, its stock peaked at $1.75 SGD, but it has since tumbled to as low as $0.87 SGD.

That’s less than the company’s assets are worth. Meaning, if they were to liquidate they could buy their whole company back - with change to spare!

There is no reason for this company to be priced so low.

And there are several others factors to suggest that it will be going up soon (in fact, it’s already begun its march upwards from that $0.87 SGD low to $1.01 SGD…).

One of these factors is their relatively new fleet of airplanes. Plane age is important in the travel business. Old plains break more often, and require more repairs, which eats into future earnings.

For example: an engine overhaul can cost more than $25,000. This kind of fee multiplied over an older fleet can add up quick.

But with newer planes, this airline won’t be facing those ongoing costs.

Another factor - and this is a big deal - is that they are about to put ink to a deal that has been ruthlessly negotiated for the last two years.

It will create a joint venture with one of Europe’s largest airlines. Further securing their position as the premier airline within the forbidden market.

For this reason (and all the others listed), many analysts are saying that stocks may rise by as much as 67% before 2017.

I’m not as optimistic as my colleagues. But I think it’s reasonable to expect a conservative 40% lift in this stock - if you buy now.

Now, before you discover the details of the two additional forbidden market picks, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.

From Russia To Singapore: These Are The Best Investing Opportunities In The World Right Now…

My name is Kim Iskyan.

For the last 22 years I’ve worked as an investment banker, hedge fund manager, political risk consultant and equities analyst throughout Russia, Spain, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Ireland, as well as the United States, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

I was the deputy head of research at one of the world’s largest banks: Renaissance Capital.

And the head of research at MDM (a large private Russian bank).

And before that, I did my time on Wall Street as a financial analyst for Oppenheimer & Co.

I’ve been published in the Economist, Wall Street Journal, Moscow Times, and the International Herald Tribune, among others…

You might have even seen me on Fox Business or Business News providing international market commentary. 


But that is all in the past. Right now I’m looking to the future. And in my opinion the future of finance is in Asia. Which is where I have shifted my focus almost entirely.

In fact, I made the huge decision to relocate my family to Singapore to launch my educational finance newsletter, Truewealth Asian Investment Daily.

As you can imagine, it took a huge amount of financial resources and emotional stress to relocate a family across thousands of kilometres.

But I can honestly say it was completely worth it.

Singapore is at the heart of a modern renaissance. A global financial shift that will have as much of an impact on the world as the 2007-08 financial crisis… or even the great depression…

Take a look at the picture below:

Source: Washington Post

This image is pretty staggering. It shows how the majority of the world’s population now live in Asia.

But to me it represents something else entirely.

It represents the coming global economic shift. A transfer of power from the west to the east.

The West will no longer be the epicentre of global financial growth and business innovation.

… From now on the new global leaders will come from Asia.

… The greatest profit opportunities will be in Asia.

… The greatest financial minds will follow and study the Asian markets.

And anyone who doesn’t does so at tremendous risk to their portfolio and livelihood.

Take a look at the image below:

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

In this image, green represents cheap markets. Notice the considerable crossover with the population image before?


That’s why I’m here, writing to you today.

These markets are cheap. Profitable. And fast moving.

I want to help you understand and take advantage of the new wave of profits unleashed by this global shift.

And to prepare you to protect your wealth from such a monumental change.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been involved with something like this, or helped ordinary investors like your make huge gains from changes in the global economy.

137% Gain In ‘Forgotten’ Kazakhstani Bank

In December 2013 I recommended Kazkommertsbank (KKB) to readers of my global advisory newsletter, Global Contrarian.

KKB is one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan, a market that was virtually invisible to all but the most intrepid investors. The country’s banking sector faced one of the world’s highest levels of non-performing loans (a fallout from the global financial crisis) and it was almost universally written off as a lost cause. Take a look:

Source: Stansberry Research

This made the stock absurdly cheap, trading at a forward price-to-book (P/B) ratio of 0.3... compared with the average P/B level of around 1 for most banks.

This meant that for every $1 of capital on KKB's balance sheet, you’d pay $0.30.

But I said shares wouldn't be this cheap forever... thanks to a number of simple but overlooked reasons.

For starters - KKB had started to do the right thing by working to maximise value from its overdue loans. The CEO of a competitor, who, if anything, would prefer to see KKB fail, told me that he was very impressed with the approach of KKB management…

Plus it didn’t hurt that KKB had $1.5 billion in cash on its balance sheet.

So I told my readers to buy.

And we locked in a 137% return in seven months.

Now, if you like the idea of making triple gains from little-known stocks, you’re going to love this…

The 3,700% ‘Trade Of The Decade’…

In 2002 just before I quit working as a side-brokerage analyst I recommended Sberbank.

I said:

“The Russian banking sector is well positioned to grow rapidly. Sberbank, as the industry’s 800-kilogram gorilla, will be positioned to benefit from the overall growth in the sector… Sberbank shares still trade at significant discounts to international comparables on a wide range of valuation parameters, leading us to upgrade the stock to a Buy…”

You may not be familiar with Sberbank, but this company went on to be one of the best performing shares of the decade, second only to Apple.

For example: if you had invested just $10,000 in Sberbank shares on my recommendation, you would have made $370,000 by 2012.


Source: The Economist

These are just two of many profitable investments I’ve recommended over my career.

Now, these sorts of gains are great. Much better than the market. And I include those figures here to show you that I never recommend something that I don’t believe has the potential for rapid, staggering gain.

So, please listen carefully when I say that I consider the forbidden market to be the most raw, and potentially profitable opportunity you’ll come across this year, and probably in the next five.

Let’s take a look at the second forbidden opportunity now.


Add details of H-Share

Let me send you my full research on these forbidden stocks right now…

That’s two of the best investment opportunities on the forbidden market right now. You’ll get you a sneak-peak at the third (my favourite) in just a moment.

But if you don’t want to wait to get your hands on the full details of these investments, including the urgent buy instructions, let me show you to get a free copy of my new report right now.

It’s called: XXXXXXX.

Inside I give you the complete story on each forbidden investment and how to gain access to the forbidden market itself.

I walk you through my in-depth analysis and give you specific, clear advice on what price to buy at… any risks you need to know about...and why I think these forbidden stocks represents a huge opportunity to grow your wealth and improve your family’s financial security this year.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not claiming these stocks are going to make you 1,000%, 700%, or even 600% ROI. Those kind of big numbers get thrown around far too often by cocky analysts.

But I do consider these investments some of the most sensible and potentially profitable opportunities I’ve seen in a long time.

If even one of these investments takes off, I promise you’ll be glad you downloaded this report today.

You can download a copy instantly with no obligation by clicking here now.

All I ask is in return is…

Try My Brand New Asian Investment Letter For
30 Days With No Obligation To Buy

With your permission, I’d like to give you a no-obligation 30-day trial subscription to my brand-new, finance newsletter - The Asian Investor.

I’ve started this letter to help investors like you understand and profit from trends in the Asian and global finance markets.

Each month I’ll write to you with new ideas on investing, profitable opportunities and the current state of the market.

As soon as you sign up, I’ll send you a private password so you can access your XXXX research report and discover all the profitable opportunities waiting for you inside the forbidden market.

Then in the next month (and each month after that if you choose to stay on as a subscriber) I’ll send you your first newsletter detailing all of the significant financial shifts in the region…

Investment opportunities in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and more…

Exciting financial instruments and ways of investing you may have never heard of - or thought too complex - broken down into simple steps…

And trustworthy, impartial financial advice you won’t hear from the mainstream press.

My hope is to give you insight and education you can use to become a more successful, clever and protected investor.

As well as practical stock advice you can use to grow your wealth fast.

Take for example these recent recommendations I’ve made in my free newsletter…

  • Path Bloomberg Sugar + 43% in 8 months
  • MSCI Brazil Index + 91% in 8 months
  • United States Natural Gas Fund + 38% in 4 months

You’ll get recommendations like these and more with your risk-free trial of The Asian Investor.

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If not, hang tight, and let’s take a look at the third forbidden stock right now.


Add Details Of H-Share

Once again, everything you need to know about this stock - and the two other forbidden stocks - is waiting for you inside your complimentary report XXXXXX.

If you’re ready to get started, just click here.

When you download your report you’ll soon realise it contains much more than just three forbidden stock picks.

I’ve also included a further THREE investment recommendations that are set for double digit gains in the next six-months

Know this: while these are NOT forbidden market stocks, their potential to boost your wealth is huge.

One of them is - and I know this sounds outlandish - as close to free money as you’ll get on any stock market.

It’s a way to buy stocks and bonds at a 10-15% discount.

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Get Full Access To The Asian Investor At An Outrageous Discount

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A newer, nicer car.

A rolex, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Just one well-timed investment could make your family wealthy for a generation…

Remember Sberbank?

Imagine if you had got in at the bottom of that 3,700% rise?

Of course, it doesn’t always happen like this. In fact, ‘trades of the decade’ are by definition rare.

So that’s why I also want to give you a suite of bonus materials to help you become a more well-rounded and smart investor.

They contain valuable ideas and strategies that will set you up to be comfortable in the future whether a big win comes your way or not.

You’ll get these with my compliments when you take a 30-day no-obligation trial of The Asian Investor today.

They include:

BONUS #1: The Complete Asian Profit Primer: What You Need To Know To Successfully Invest In Asia

Three months of non-stop work. Tireless research. All condensed into a I consider this new and comprehensive report to be the essential primer on Asian Investing in 2016.

If you’ve ever thought about investing in Asian stocks, ETFs, or real estate, you simply must read this document.

It covers everything you need to know to understand exactly what is happening in the Asian markets right now and how these shifts will effect your wealth in the coming months.

Download your bonus copy for free today and you’ll discover...

  • Richer Than The US?The surprising truth about the world’s greatest economy and why American’s are no where near as wealthy as you’d think…
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BONUS #2: 10 Powerful Investment Secrets Of The “Forever” Wealthy

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BONUS #3: “Hack” This New Asian Investment For Fast, Safe Profits…

Imagine an investment product that is easy to buy… low-cost… will pay you very well over the long-term… gives you access to almost any investment you can imagine… and you can buy from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and a smart phone.

Want to own stocks in a bank? Done…

Earn income from Asian Dividends? Easy…

Invest in Singapore while living in Kansas? Again, not a problem.


Well, in your third bonus report you’ll discover everything you need to know about Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs). These simple wealth-growing investments are everything you’ve just read and more.

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That’s starting to change now and in this bonus report you’re going to discover what you need to do to start investing and profiting from Asian ETFs fast, including a specific strategy I’ve designed for Hong Kong and Singapore.

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  • Why ETF’s are hugely attractive to low-risk, time-poor investors…
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And much more, including those specific ETF investment strategies I mentioned. If you're interested in getting involved with the lucrative Hong Kong or Singapore markets, you’ll love these simple ways to start successfully investing with ETFs.

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You Could Make Triple Digit Gains By November

Look… I’m sure you’ve watched from the sidelines as an investment you nearly bought tripled overnight…

Or wondered how your neighbour could afford a brand-new BMW M3, only to later find out he got in early on a hot-stock…

This time, I don’t want you to miss out.

The forbidden market represents the biggest opportunity in Asia right now. An opportunity to genuinely make 404% before the end of November.

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Kim Iskyan

Publisher, True Wealth Asia Publishing

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  • How China’s relationship with the muslim world could send gold prices soaring…
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