Hong Kong: BANNED… Singapore: BANNED

All foreign investment was banned for 26 years… but there’s another way into this lucrative financial exchange… Introducing…

Asia’s Forbidden ‘Ghost’ Market

Where stocks are traded at 1982  prices and you could make easy, instant gains of up to 400%  in the next six months…


Dear Investor

Today I want to show you a little known way to access - and profit from - a forbidden financial market you have probably never even heard of.

A market so potentially profitable that I consider it the best investment in Asia right now.

This is not an overstatement.

In August alone the average share-price in this market jumped by 6.5%, beating out every global competitor.

And if you follow the advice I’m about to give you, you’ll be able to pay less than these shares are worth… 19% less… making this one of the safest investments you could ever possibly make.

But that’s not all, because if this ‘banned’ market moves in the way I expect it to, in the next six months you could gain as much as 400% on your money from just three specific investments you’ll also discover today.


Does Your Portfolio Pass This “$5 Billion Gatekeeper”?

I call this market ‘forbidden’ because it is. Originally there were only two ways to invest in it.

1)      You had to be a citizen of the same exotic country this financial exchange was founded in

2)      You had to manage $5 billion in securities assets in one financial year

If you met one of those two criteria then you’d be able invest and profit from the lucrative, exciting companies operating in this market.


Most probably, you don’t have $5 billion to manage.

And if you’re reading this letter, it’s extremely likely you don’t live in this country.

So you’re banned.

Locked out from the tremendous opportunities available in this market every day.

Like a child on the sidelines of a football game… eagerly watching… waiting… hoping to get a chance to play.

But this market is huge. It’s market valuation is over 2 trillion. Surely there must be a way to break into it and profit?

And there is.

You see there is a duplicate of this market. A market that trades the same companies, the same securities, the same profit opportunities for far, far less.

Yes, less… As in cheaper.

I call it the ghost market.

Consider the price-to-book ratio of the forbidden market versus the ghost market.

The price-to-book ratio, or P/B ratio, compares share prices to the value of everything a company owns after its paid off its debts, or the book value.

The forbidden market’s current P/B is 1.6.

But the ghost market’s P/B is 0.81.

The duplicate market’s P/B ratio is nearly 20 percent less than the cash you’d raise if you liquidated each company traded on the market.

Simply put - if everything went to hell, and a company needed to liquidate, you’d be paid out 20% more than you bought the stock for - guaranteed, but only if you bought when the P/B ratio is favourable.

Like right now, with the ghost market.

Remember: the ghost market represents a way to access the same companies and lucrative investment opportunities as the forbidden market, but without the hurdles…This can be very profitable, take for example…